Sunday, October 27, 2019

Pete Souza Steps on Rake. Rake Wins

Pete Souza, the former White House photographer for Barky Obama, has made it no secret that he dislikes DJT and has taken shots at him in the past. In haste to remain relevant and one of the cool guys, he sent out a tweet that went everywhere quickly, suggesting that the picture showed Trump wasn’t in the White House when the action taken against Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took place.

Of course, Souza was wrong. Trump was back in the White House before the raid and before the picture was taken. 
It has 15,000 retweets and over 38,000 likes as of this writing. But as with most fake news, you can see it got much less attention than the original false story. And people are still spreading the lie. And most of the blue checks still have the false story up and haven’t taken it down, much less apologized for spreading the insanity. Media and Democrats immediately cried conspiracy, as Twitchy notes, spreading it further.
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