Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Impeachment Frenzy Is a Fire Hose of…....

by Jon Gabriel

Following political news is often compared to drinking from a fire hose. This is true on a slow day let alone the past week-plus of impeachment fever. Since the first Ukraine story hit, major media outlets have torn into Trump like piranhas on an ox carcass. Reporters have declared “we’ve got him this time” every day since 2015; they don’t want to miss their latest chance, damn the facts. 

And there are so many, ahem, “facts.” Each hour, another blockbuster hits. It takes about 90 minutes to prove many of these scoops false or at least questionable. By then, another blockbuster has hit, and another, and another. It’s a fire hose, alright. A fire hose of ….... 

Let’s just say the media uncorked a hydrant spraying taurine excreta throughout the Beltway and beyond. The fountain of feculence is hitting everyone in Trump’s orbit, from staffers to foreign leaders. The torrent of sewage is so intense, it’s splashing back on Trump’s accusers in the media and politics. Before Adam Schiff can shake the night soil off his too-tight suit, reporters uncap new firehoses showering more steer stool in every direction.

No one’s even holding the hoses at this point; they’re spasmodic snakes, spraying dung in every direction from Kyiv to Canberra. Everyone will come out looking awful; Democrats, Republicans, pundits — you name it. Instead of a logical impeachment roll-out to win support among moderates and a few errant Republicans, the common voter will likely damn everyone involved.

Yes, Trump’s Ukraine call was questionable but it certainly doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment. Hunter Biden’s cashing in on his dad’s name is obviously corrupt; most Democratic voters would agree with that. Investigating foreign influence on our elections is a good thing, whether it’s coming from Democrats or Republicans

Impeachment has been the left’s goal since December 2016 — before Trump even took office. Ukraine is just another bite of the apple after the Mueller report failed so spectacularly. The media hysteria over Ukraine feels a lot like the recent Greta hysteria. There’s no time to absorb facts, discuss options, or weigh pros and cons. We need to act now or else!

Hysteria is a poor strategy. It didn’t work for climate change or Kavanaugh or the many other panics we’ve been subjected to since Trump took office. How Trump’s detractors think this will end well is beyond me.

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