Monday, November 25, 2019

Is CNN Just Dragging People In Off The Street Now??

Having spent most of the weekend sofa surfing the television channels while recuperating from minor surgery, I was astonished by one very noticeable thing.  While trying to avoid at all cost the "scripted" reality shows and any professional football game, I eventually came to land on cable news. (I blame the medication)  After a little while I said to myself, "Self" (and I knew it was me, cause I recognized my voice and was wearing my underwear) "who are these 20 something media advisers and political strategist and national security experts spouting seemingly learned pontifications and expert opinions, that look too young to even buy alcohol??"

So, seeing that I had never heard of, or ever even seen any of these so-called experts,  I decided to crank up the google box and look into these people's qualifications to tell me the truth.

Were talking here of an in-the-loop 'Congressional Correspondent' who's prior major accomplishment was as a political reporter in small media market somewhere in backwoods Pennsylvania, covering the city council and civic affairs.  In another case, a 'Political Strategist' had been an assistant to an aide of a one-term congressman from Rhode Island, which means she drove the car to Starbucks and circled the block. 

And another young lady, who came across like Beyonce' with a speech impediment and a Sally Struther's online college Nail Salon Management Degree while discussing the consequences of  DJT's treason and impending removal, was actually a Professor of Law at the diploma mill, Howard University.  She was all of 30 years old.  And a Professor.  Of Law.

I was really expecting to find a 20 something expert on political negotiations to be a former Assistant Supervisor of Supply Room Inventory in charge of procurement for the Speaker of the House Offices.  But he turned out to be a fellow from a millennial Think Tank I had never heard of before.

It was especially enlightening to later hear a panel of four millennial black women, three of which graduated from Ivy League schools, the fourth from USC, drone on about inequality and rampant racism in our collective capitalist system, full of white supremacy. It's always good for the soul to hear people just handed the keys to a good life and privilege most people will never know, to be given a worldwide platform to whine like door-slamming nine-year-olds.

If I didn't know better, I'd think someone is standing outside of CNN studios giving away free Amazon Gift Cards to anyone walking by who are willing to go on camera and trash DJT or America as we know it.......

~ Thank You WHATFINGER NEWS & MJA@IOTWReport for the Linkage! ~

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