Tuesday, December 3, 2019

First Human Composting Facility To Begin Operation in 2021

Many times on this page I've commented sarcastically in response to radical environmentalist claims that our very existence is disrupting universal vibes and doing irreversible harm to Mother Earth, by echoing the words of a skit on the 1970's National Lampoon record 'Lemmings', that they jump into a hole and beat themselves into organic fertilizer to help save the planet & quicken their own demise.

Well, today's radical environmentalist, who are more concerned about their recycle can and their pets than their children's education, now will soon have an alternative to Dan Aykroyd's Lemmings Stage Announcer's suggestions.

Environmental experts have come up with a revolutionary system to convert human remains into soil as an alternative to cremation or burial.  So now, if they feel there are too many of us them, or they just feel like they're pustules on the butt of Mother Earth, they can turn themselves into planting material for aunt Alice's flower boxes.
In a move hailed as a positive step by environmentalists, Washington became the first U.S. state to legalize the composting of human bodies in May of this year. And now, the Evergreen State will become home to the world’s first human composting facility in 2021 thanks to Katrina Spade, founder and CEO of Recompose, after the legislation she helped enact goes into effect in May 2020. 
According to its website, Spade founded the revolutionary company with the goal of offering “natural organic reduction to the public,” a system that converts human remains into soil as an alternative to cremation or burial.
“By converting human remains into soil, we minimize waste, avoid polluting groundwater and prevent the emissions of CO2 from cremation and from the manufacturing of headstones and grave liners.  By allowing organic processes to transform our bodies and those of our loved ones into a useful soil amendment, we help to strengthen our relationship to the natural cycles while enriching the earth.”
When all is said and done, the process will yield about a cubic yard of soil per person.  The soil can be taken home by friends or family and used to grow a tree or a garden. Remaining soil will be used on 640 acres of conservation land in southern Washington that will one day become an ecologically sustainable village.
A quick glance at Spade's Team at Recompose looks a bit like a group casting call for a Stephen King movie.  Oh BTW, in case you've forgotten, 'Soylent Green' just happened to have been set in the year 2022.  Just Sayin'.........


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