Monday, December 2, 2019

Joe Biden: Kids love to rub my 'hairy blonde legs'.....

For reasons that no one can fathom, the Democrats have not been able to produce a 2020 candidate better than Joe Biden. Despite a few polling hiccups he’s still their frontrunner, and he’s still the odds-on favorite to clinch the nomination. So, there’s a good chance we’re going to get more glorious nuggets of wisdom like this:
Gropey Joe made those remarks – yes, he really did – in a new video that appears to come from the same event as the infamous “Ballad of Cornpop.” It doesn't appear to be fake, here's the complete video. The clip went viral yesterday, mostly because no one could believe it was thing that a presidential candidate would actually say.

Biden's comments sound like Courtney Love-penned lyrics from an early '90s Hole album.  If you’re a Democrat who’s tempted to claim that it’s mean, or petty, to point out how incredibly weird this is, feel free to head for the exits. If a Republican said something like this, it would be played in a 24-hour loop on every major news network.

H/T Robert Laurie  

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