Tuesday, January 7, 2020

TIME Offers Help With Your 'Woke' Kindergartener

I remember reading in the early hours after the 2016 election how so many journalist and Hollywood types were lamenting on how difficult it was going to be to explain to their young children that DJT was now president. I couldn't help be giggle as I envisioned them seated in front of their 4 year old staring back at them over their unwanted bowl of soggy coco puffs in puzzlement as they eat a booger. 

PJM - For reasons I will never fathom, 21st-century American leftists continue to insist that the country is crawling with woke eight-year-olds who are forever curious about national political topics of the day. They do this despite all available observable evidence proving them wrong. It is, put simply, a world that does not exist. Anybody polluting their young kids’ realities with politics is probably only being met with blank stares and irritation because the kid has to get back to playing Minecraft or Fortnite.

As print journalism and the magazine industry continue their slow but inevitable march to extinction, it often feels as if the once-venerable Time is trying to commit suicide to hasten the process. Long ago, Time was a great publication, holding a status in the national conversation that was eclipsed by few of its rivals. Today, Time is mostly known for beclowning itself with its annual "Person of the Year" issue, which most recently awarded the "honor" to the climate-change snake oil-peddling weirdo Greta Thunberg. The rest of the year, the magazine is little more than a Democratic talking points pamphlet.

On Monday, Time published an article titled "How to Talk to Your Kids About the Situation With Iran." The title is annoying enough, but the magazine's social media people couldn't resist really stepping in it:
If you need help talking with the children in your life about the aftermath of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani's killing, @timeforkids has a guide to explaining the topic https://ti.me/2N2Yf4w 
We realize this is a difficult topic to explain to kids. TIME for Kids is here to help. The guide below offers talking points for how to answer questions about this tough topic. It’s not intended to be used as a script. It’s meant to arm you with the information you need if you choose to bring up the topic or if kids ask questions about it. Trust your instincts. You know your kids best. Use that knowledge to gauge the depth and breadth of your discussion. 
Sometimes, it’s best to let a child take the lead and only answer the questions that are asked. Often, brief and simple answers can satisfy a child’s curiosity.
The notion that anyone at work in the coastal media bubbles is in a position to dispense parenting advice is patently absurd, as evidenced by just these two paragraphs.  Conservative Twitter wasted no time in pouncing on this lunacy. The responses to the tweet alone are a lot of fun to read. Here's a sample.......
"Remember that time you put a hot dog in the microwave without poking holes in it with a fork?" https://twitter.com/TIME/status/1214569882370613249  
My 4 year old Grandson just asked me "Papa, what is Time magazine and why do they think I need comforting over the death of a terrorist leader?" I just smiled and everybody in the place clapped. 
I’m having trouble explaining to them how @time is an American magazine. https://twitter.com/time/status/1214569882370613249  
Actually I'm going to need help talking with my children about the collapse of American journalism & @TIME is a prime example. https://twitter.com/time/status/1214569882370613249 
The coastal media types are so cocooned in groupthink that there is virtually no one at any of these outlets to look at something like this article and tweet and realize the potential for backlash.

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