Wednesday, January 15, 2020

We Watched So You Didn't Have To. Democrat Debate #72. Pillow Fight in Des Moines.

Since I was taking at easy this evening while recuperating from all the Napoleon Liqueur someone kept putting in my celebratory orange juice last night, I decided to tune in to "The Most Trusted Name in News" CNN, and lo and behold, there was a debate about to break out.  Not feeling a lot like getting up to retrieve the remote, I just settled in for hopefully a laugh or two.  It turned out unfunny and a bit pathetic.  I mean, no Marianne Sparkledust Williamson?  No Spartacus??  But I did think it was a nice touch for a democrat event to have running during the breaks the 'Freedom From Religion Foundation' commercial with the dancing fairy Ron Reagan Jr. reminding us he was a proud atheist and didn't mind burning in hell. Really nice touch there CNN. 

For those who didn't punish themselves like I did, for you the sum of my remembrance....

The dems seem to agree that everything that is good and working well in the country is bad, and they are against it. The rich are too rich. Government isn't working, so they say it needs to be bigger. They all bashed the very policies and tax codes they helped write over the last decades and with their rantings and ravings about America's healthcare system are admitting Obamacare was indeed the sham it was said to be. They all pretty much agreed we need not nuke the mullahs, and should go back to talking to the Iranians because they won't get no nukes if we tell them not to.

Joe 30330 seemed kinda lost for most of the night. Is it just that it’s a given and no one cares? He looked flamed out and ready for his juice box and a nap. The dems are so desperate they'd nominate a 150 lb leaky sack of medical waste if they thought it had a chance against DJT.  All I really remember Joe saying was Trump's economy was bad for America.     

Senator Bernie inform us he was 'Sick and Tired' of America's sh*t more than once and that we need more free stuff. When ask why he would be a better Commander and Chief than the present one, he said because he'd vote against every war.....Okay.  Like a carnival barker Bernie promised he could beat Trump with his Socialist Utopia because his Socialist Utopia was really a Democratic Socialist Utopia. Bernie was not asked about the gulags and anti-Nazi reeducation camps. Guess they ran outta time.

Senator Lizzy....someone take the f**kin' purple jacket away from her and burn it! Gawd, doesn't that woman own any other clothes??

Lizzy wants to defend America from Wall Street, and rape corporate america to give everyone high taxes and crappy healthcare, and all kinds of expensive free stuff. She even proposes that the government go into the drug manufacturing business to lower cost.  Gee, what could go wrong there?  Out to gain the effeminate male democrat voter (excuse the redundancy) she pledged to save us from toxic masculinity and white supremacy.  And when questioned about Bernie's supposed remark "A women couldn't get elected president" after Bernie denied it, she showed a bit of Lizzy restraint and stopped just short of calling Bernie a lying sack of sh*t.

Then there's Mayor Pete.  I'm sorry but he gives me the creeps.  His speech patterns, mannerism and delivery look like every over-acted TV courtroom drama defense lawyer trying to get his obviously guilty client off the hook. I cannot listen him. The closed caption read that the black people who know him, support him, which is probably news to the blacks who know him.  Pete says he's witnessed it first hand and we need to fight Climate Change because some streets flooded in South Bend a couple of times. 

Oh, another Ron Reagan "proud atheist and don't mind burning in hell" commercial.

Some rich guy who looks like Jimmy Durante, named Tom something, says he got reamed for being proud of making a butt loads of millions from fossil fuels, but says he had a 'Come to Jesus Moment' and now is going to save the world from Climate Change and DJT and something....Climate Change.... something...... get rid of the tariffs, and something about ethanol. Yawn.

Senator Amy. Who could forget Sen. Amy. She said she's sure (with your help and money) that she can beat DJT,  because she's a woman and has a Va-jay-jay just like the Lady Governor of Michigan who has one too, and who beat a republican man.  Senator Amy always looks so insincere, like a worker in a government office. Senator Amy also reminds me of one of the Sisters at my Catholic School in Belgium. She was a real bitch.

Before the dem's pillow fight was all over with my eyelids got heavy and the lights went out. I think the real winner of the night was the non-viewing public. But I'm here to attest that I did live through it.  You're welcome.

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