Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Cuomo the Elder Has No Desire To Be Biden's Diaper Boy.

RS - One of the saddest things in presidential politics is when a candidate for leader of the free world has to pick someone as their vice president to make him look serious. I understand picking a woman or three-toed redhaird Eskimo pygmy to appeal to a particular demographic or voting bloc, but when you pick someone to convince America that you have a non-idiot within hailing distance of the Oval Office, it is sort of embarrassing for just about everyone.

So imagine how Andrew Cuomo felt when he read in the media today that Joe Biden was saying he would be the chief of staff in a Biden White House. Not vice president, because that has been promised to someone with sniffable hair. Not secretary of defense. Not secretary of state. Chief of freakin staff.... Why is Biden doing this?

Because after his disastrous debate performances and utterly bizarre remote address from his ‘basement shadow government’ yesterday he has to convince the American public he’s up to doing more than slurping his cream-of-wheat. Andrew Cuomo, though given to bouts of wide-eyed panic, has been a good partner with the Trump administration and seems to have a better grip on what needs to be done than any other Democrat.

With the SS Biden nearly dead in the water, there is zero reason for Cuomo to expend his political capital backing not only a loser but a loser of such loserliness that even other abject losers are jealous. Cuomo’s best play is to ensure that he’s not associated in any way, shape, or form with the Biden 2020 train wreck, and focus on the open election in 2024. His second best play is to be waiting in the wings if, as I more and more think will happen.

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