Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Super Tuesday Meltdown: The Young Turks are Always Good Comedy Relief

Founder of Young Turks and Failed House of Reps Candidate Cunk Yogurt Cenk Uygur

Anyone who's not seen The Young Turks 2016 election night meltdown video have missed a classic real-time decent into insanity. Last night, Turks Cunk Yogurt again didn't take the expected Bernie bulldozing though the primaries washout very well.  Cunk is a full-throated Bernie guy because he’s a socialist as they all are at TYT. And he’s also one of these far left-wingers who’s convinced that you can only beat Trump with the most radical nominee possible because Trump will chew up an establishmentarian like Biden and eat him for breakfast. Add to this the indignation over feeling like Bernie is once again getting jail raped by the party apparatus, and Cenk can only take so much:
We’ve gone from a situation in which Bernie was rolling with the hard-core socialist votes, and the wussy liberal support was split among four people. Suddenly Mini-Mike, Mayo Pete and Amy Klobs are all out and backing Joe, and Bernie is standing on the outside. Yogurt hangs to the idea the media will “come for Biden” and expose all his flaws.


The Obama loving media will gaslight the public and do everything it can to rehabilitate Biden and minimize his many weaknesses, while it goes after DJT with everything it’s got. Yogurt, his soft skull comrades and Bernie Bro die-hards aren’t really getting an accurate read on the larger electorate. Independents do not want a socialist, and while they may have problems with Trump’s style, they’ve gotten used to it and they’re not going to trade the results he’s gotten for Bernie’s agenda of turning the U.S. into his mythical socialist paradise.

But Cunk's melt downs seem therapeutic for him, and it’s fun for the rest of us to watch.
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