Friday, April 10, 2020

Oh God, How I Have Grown to Truly Loathe These People

I know this is probably not the time to post something like this, but after yesterday, I've had enough.  I've been told my entire life that HATE is not healthy emotion and will eat you from the inside. But of what we are now witnessing, I find it harder and harder to fight the impulse.  For what seems an eternity now one has heard a lot of hueing and crying from Never Trumpers who have managed to transition from being what was thought to be patriot defenders of Republican ideals to shameless permanent, paid members of a hate-filled leftist Media without so much a change of clothes.

They are very loud, these Never Trumpers, and have been gifted enormous mainstream media platforms and they are just full of Righteous Indignation about how OMFG can you believe that these "Trumpers" are still supporting their Dear Leader even though he lies to them every day! And OMFG, Fox News!! And OMFG, this is not the Republican Party I was a part of!!

And even now, in our times of trouble we share with most of the rest of the world, even now, they cannot put aside their hateful propaganda and tell the truth.   

Self-lobotomizing Republican meatheads, through-and-through cowards, collecting a paycheck from the leftist media lords with their eyes wide open. And whether they are zombies or cowards or cold-blooded mercenaries, all of them are complicit in promoting an anti-american regressive monster and further dividing a nation.

All of them.

All of them, every Never Trumper you see on teevee or read in The New York Times or The Washington Post wringing their hands and weeping bitter tears over the loss of their glorious party and the state of the nation. 

So congratulations: While you were busy explaining to your family and friends that you had joined the fight against the Republican  fringe, that bold new experiments in a wholly fake press “reporting” wholly fake news you joined into became the “fringe” and the Democrats became The fringe Party.

So you can remain comfortable with wearing your sheets of intolerance and goose-step marching in formation as you divide the country, but what you can’t do is continue this ruinous and infantile pretense that you're are the truth. You and your fellow wingnuts clearly hate traditional America as passionately as any muslim jihadist. You hate the plurality of it, the tolerance, the check-and-balance that deters your fellow believers from curb-stomping red hat wearing patriots, or colored Trump supporters whenever they fucking well feel like it. You seem delighted with the notion of a fascist America (as long as you are the one’s holding the machine guns) Your heads are open sewers swirling with happy masturbatory thoughts of beating your opposition to jelly. You are at war with reality itself, and smile at every lie your ivory tower Lord and Masters allow you to tell.

Every mediawhore who is uncovered, figuratively or otherwise, makes the shrug and smirk and then dance a drunken little jig that says, “See! We can say anything and you can’t stop us! Anything! ”

This is the behavior you validate and actively endorses every time your voice supports progressive voices. By some sudden and inexplicable madness which no one could possibly have seen coming, you make absolutely no secret of what your agenda is, what your willing to do with no conscience as you help overthrow all we hold dear.

So how about you Wake the Fuck Up and answer me one, simple question: Why in the name of God do you insist on helping your enemies destroy the nation you claim you love?

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