Friday, August 28, 2020

Do BLM Protesters Care Whether They're Hurting Biden/Harris

They're so irrational it's particularly hard to work out what might be going on in that rusted amusement park in their heads, but with Antifa's almost nightly orgy of fire and violence, and black BLM members enjoying their opportunity for unbridled psychotic screaming in faces of white people and yelling at lamp post, the answer is clearly no.  Why would they care about helping Biden/Harris, who's past policies helped fill america's prisons.  I don't see how, believing in systemic racism and the deeply ingrained evil of America, they can think Joe Biden will further their cause. And there's a big risk that his election would deflate their energy.

The Democrats are learning, much to their chagrin, that the problem with courting and covering for chaotic anarchists and inbreed intercity soft skulls is that you can't really control them.

[Real Clear Pol]
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