Friday, September 4, 2020

The Hairdryer Rebellion of 2020

In what is proving to be a growing trend of protesters showing up on the doorstep of politicians, as unwise as it may be, outraged women wearing curlers in their hair and draped in plastic as if they were at the beauty shop, as characterized by KRON, hung blow dryers in a tree outside San Fran Nan's home.

Describing themselves as “angry salon customers” who want to get their hair done, protesters gathered outside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s mansion Thursday in response to what has been dubbed “Salon-gate.” San Francisco Chronicle reporter Jessica Christian shared several videos online of the demonstration, noting that the women are not salon owners, as some reported, but disgruntled consumers stymied by local politicians.

Demonstrating at the homes of politicians is becoming a staple on the left, but Pelosi should be grateful it wasn’t Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists gathering outside her mansion. Just ask Portland’s Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler, who’s reportedly looking to move out of his Pearl District high rise condo after violent protesters broke windows and set fires on the property earlier this week.

Salon-gate easily outweighs the ridicule Pelosi experienced after showcasing a freezer full of expensive ice cream during the height of the coronavirus shutdown, while most Americans were worried about putting food on their dinner tables.

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