Thursday, October 8, 2020

I Guess The Press Corps Will Have to Start Making Sh*t Up 😜

The White House Correspondents Association has issued a statement urging journalists not to work on the White House grounds because the Trump White House is so infected with COVID that it's not safe for the nations top elite journalists and purveyors of truth.  It seems DJT has taken the White House, which belongs to the American people, and turned it into a disease pit.
"In the immediate days ahead, we continue to insist that journalists who are not in the pool and do not have an enclosed workspace refrain from entering the indoor press areas of the White House. We would also strongly encourage all journalists to continue avoiding working from the White House grounds entirely if possible."
How will the Republic Survive!!

This I'm sure gives sads to the King of the Press Corps Clowns, Jim Acosta and his nightly personal journal entries, as well as the always obnoxious PBS resident Chia Pet, Yamaha Alcondor,  who regularly rephrases question already asked and answered at least twice before calling on her, and who's talent level would otherwise be only a weather girl in Peanutville  Georgia.
So with no WH insider leaks from
anonymous sources forth coming, I guess they will have to just start making shit up......  /sarc

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