Thursday, September 16, 2021

So It Has Come To This......

This is where we are in the world right now. I turn on the television, against my better judgement, to find the news networks carrying another rambling speech by our senile leader, between the lies and coughing up a lung, saying pretty much exactly what democrats have been saying since the 90's - the rich don't pay their fair share and business needs to be punished. And at the same time calling the present economy better than it was pre-pandemic.

He goes on to mumble something about climate change and then turns and walks out of the room as reporters yelled questions about the Nicki Minaj's swollen testicles saga.

That was followed up by an in-depth expert economic analysis of the speech by a perky little bint who stated she was actually old enough to remember something that happen in 2011.  2011!! She's not old enough to have payed off a car note, but is a network expert on the economy telling you job creators don't pay their share of taxes (we pay 25% tax right off the top) and the only reason the country is not gold plated is because right wing nuts won't agree to spend the country into the dem's fictional paradise Stop and let me off this oblivion express.....

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