Thursday, September 2, 2021

Somebody Say Football??

Every year in the first week of September, Americans from coast to coast set aside their differences, be it religious, political and even the personal, and join in a camaraderie second to none in all of sports, professional or amateur. No sport, not even the simpleton showboat game of Basketball, which suddenly becomes popular for two weeks in March can come close to the CFB hardcore fan loyalty. Whether as an alumni, or just allegiance to your state's team, no sport, especially in the south, draws the passion and ritual of College football.

And this weekend college football jumps headlong into their much awaited 152nd season. Let's all pray for a normal season with no serious injuries or canceled games that wrecked the 2020 season.

Not to take anything away from the 2020 National Champions, but 2020 was an anomaly.  Covid denied many teams the valued practices and the stadium atmospheres that teams thrive on and grow.  An anomaly that could very well have changed the direction of the season. An anomaly I hope we never see the likes of again.

Making individual game predictions at this point would be silly, so I won't. But I won't pass up the chance of a few thoughts on the premier conference in college football 😎, the SEC:
* Early season polls and rankings are meaningless. Until the previous year's National Champion is beaten , they are number one and everyone else is second. No one should be ranked until game four. 
* I'm not buying the yearly Georgia hype.  If Sideshow Dan and the Florida Gators were to play the same schedule, they easily finish 11-1. 
* Don't underestimate Kentucky or Ole Missy. They very well could be spoilers. 
* Thank You Lane Kiffen for getting rid of that ugly Blue & Red uni combination. 
* No team will go undefeated in the SEC this year. The losses will surprise many.

 * Alabama will absolutely embarrass A&M in their own house.

* Do Not sleep on my Tigers.

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