Thursday, November 18, 2021

B*tch Ain't Riding on My Plane 🤣

Joe Biden blocked Squad member Rashida Tliab from Air Force One flight to Detroit event because she voted against his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.  Tlaib had to book her own travel to her hometown of Detroit after 46* left her off the manifest for Air Force One. 😂 

The snub comes amid fears by some Democratic strategists that the party risks getting their clocks cleaned in mid-term elections next year if it is seen as catering to her and the 'woke' leftist wingnuts. Tlaib was among a group of House progtards, including 'squad' members AOC, Ilhan Omar, Cue Ball Pressley and what's her name, that crazy bigot from Missouri, who wouldn't budge even as a pair of Michigan Republicans helped provide votes.

[Daily Mail]

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