Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Missouri Moonbat Claims Red States Going to Round Up All Those Foreign Looking Type People.

As a disgraced flame-throwing Hillary supporter, former Senator from Missouri Claire McCaskill, racked mentally with TDS and never gotten over losing her Senate seat to a male half her age and twice her intelligence, landed where her psychosis would be right at home: MSNBC.
Second only to the race baiting lunatic Malcolm Nance in spewing bile and hate, Claire has found a home among the gender confused, the race pimps and conspiracy theorist. But when it comes to lunacy, no one out does ol' Claire. No Sir! 

Monday during her regular gig as part of the daily parade of five & dime moonbattery on Nicole Wallace's sideshow, Claire was going big to end the year with one of her most ridiculous statements ever. Remember, this woman was a 2 term United States Senator:
MSNBC contributor and former Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) said Monday she believes Republicans could begin enacting “vigilantism laws” that would enable Americans to "round up people that look like foreigners" referencing the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts. "I think we know everybody but Roberts is in the tank for the right-wing, extreme views, and I think this vigilantism is going to catch on." 
"These red states are going to do vigilantism laws on immigration, and they’re going to empower citizens to go out and round up people that they think look like foreigners. And that’s what we are coming to in this country. It is incredibly depressing."
Love him or hate him, you have to admit one thing, DJT brought all the crazies out of the darkness and exposed themselves for all to see. Gasbags like Claire McCaskill seems very proud of themselves spewing sewage into the brains of the low intelligent MSNBC viewers.

You can see the video for yourselves at Mediaite if you want. But you'll probably want to take a shower afterwards......

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