Thursday, January 27, 2022

Nan is Running - "To Take a Punch or Throw a Punch"

have to admit I was a bit surprised yesterday when Nancy Pelosi announced that she was running for re-election to win her 19th term in Congress. 19th Term. She says it's for the "children". But I question just which 'children' she means. 

The coming midterm elections aren't looking good right now for democrats. In fact, short of some kind of divine intervention, Biden’s troops are going to get absolutely boat-raced. It could stack up to be a wave election that makes 2010 look like child’s play. Democrat incumbent rats are jumping ship in a sure fire sign of impending doom. 

Just how bad are things?  Nan may have given us a hint with this creepy video (she apparently found the old “Full House” set), in which she announced that she’s running for re-election.

House Democrats agitated for change to their party’s leadership following their loss of 13 seats in 2020 after predictions indicated major gains. After the 2018 midterms, dems could only afford to have 15 people not vote for Pelosi. Some of the newly elected progressives after that election, who had not yet found where the bathrooms were in the Capitol, started raising some hell about how things were done under the old guard Democrats. 

They of course meant, Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi won the Speakership again in an unexpectedly dramatic vote for the fourth time last January, which she has promised would be her last. She knows time is NOT on her side now and if the Democrats get wiped out in 10 months not only will she no longer be speaker, she could also lose out being the minority leader.

So why run again?

Good ole Political Pettiness.

Pelosi is part of the old school politicians that ran opponents into the ground and if you were on the same party as them, they took an odd pride in how they made political life miserable for you. (See LBJ). Almost like the mob, but the mob had rules and actually helped the poor on occasion.

If you google anything about how much Nancy and AOC love each other you won’t find much if anything, but you will find some super juicy stories about how much they'd like to shiv each other. Insiders have said in meetings between the two, the air seemed thick with some bad juju. 

Pettiness has to be a large part here for an 80+-year-old woman who has become filthy rich as an elected official and has little gas left in the tank.  I think she is out for her pound of political flesh from the 30 something AOC and her sometime childish squad of Bernie worshipping marxist soft skulls like the Jamma Paypal or what ever her name is, who have done the unthinkable - they've crossed the Speaker of the House and stuck their finger in the eye of the old guard dems. 

Without the reservations of the speakers gavel, the squad had better get ready for some rough water from their own side of the aisle because there's going to be a epic showdown with the progressive wing, which has been impatiently waiting to take the reins from the former establishment. 

They’ve swallowed Pelosi’s iron handed leadership for years now with the promise that she would finally hand things over after this year’s election. Now, that promise looks to have been broken, and it’s going to result in some major infighting when the time comes to vote on leadership.

There’s something disturbingly funny about an Botox embalmed 81-year-old politician struggling to walk in 4" heels refusing to hand over power like this, but it has the making of good Spaghetti Western Intrigue. 

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