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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Deep Thoughts By AOC 🤪

If Socialism Doesn't Work, Then Why Are All My
Socialist Friends In DC Multi-Millionaires

Outspoken socialist Hasan Piker was trending on Twitter Wednesday after a leak revealed how much money he takes home every month: over $200,000. To many, it seemed like, well, a lot for a person who makes a living excoriating the rich with videos like "How the Ultra Rich Exploit Everything" and "NOBODY NEEDS THIS MUCH HOUSE". Especially since back in August, he made headlines for purchasing a nearly $3 million home in West Hollywood.

Many of the avatars of socialism in America today are rich. Very very rich. World class grifter and Black Lives Matter co-founder, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, recently purchased a $1.4 million dollar home in Los Angeles. Hollywood Land Whale Michael Moore, one of the more outspoken critics of American inequality and a champion of the Dictatorship of Hugo Chavez, is worth a reported $30 million. Fake negro Shaun King, an activist scam artist who regularly speaks out about Black poverty, recently bought an expensive lakefront home in an elitist area of New Jersey. Hell, even life long socialist curmudgeon Bernie Sanders is now a millionaire who owns three homes. And Bubble Brain Socialist Cover Girl AOC lives in an elitist DC neighborhood and drives a Tesla. 

Wealthy, privileged liberals are able to sleep at night thinking they're part of the solution because they say the right things ("Tax the Rich!") and buy the right books.



Like, OMG. Like "Food that comes out of dirt!" 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Squinty & Meat Puppet and Co. Call AOC Dumb and Dangerous

In my occasional recon of websites and blogs of leftist nut sacks and their media propaganda sources in cable news, this morning I happened to land on NBC News' retarded stepsister, MSNBC, and the infamous 'Morning Joe'. Expecting to hear the normal MSNBC broken record of "Orangeman Bad", I was somewhat shocked to hear them all throw some serious shade at the present darling of the media, the Dems rising star and gift that keeps on giving, Alexandra Ocashew Cortex.

It seems the ridicule of ignorant pontificating from AOC has begun spreading beyond just her colleagues in congress to the friendly media that has until now glowingly amplifies every word she utters publicly.

Squinty started out this mornings extravaganza by criticizing the Congresswoman for her spiking the ball after news that Amazon had pulled plans to build a second headquarters in New York was announced. “New York City wasn’t handing cash to Amazon. It was an incentive program based on job creation producing tax revenue. There isn’t a $3 billion pile of money that can now be spent on subways or education.”

The resident Morning Joe Show bowel movement, Donny Deutsch, warned this woman was " extremely dangerous" and “we are in a dangerous place and if people in the party doesn’t start to speak up against people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is young and dynamic but does not know what she’s talking about, they’re going to hand the presidency back to Donald Trump.”

Then some alleged republican political analyst named Susan Del Percio dropped the most significant diss of AOC of the day saying “What’s shocking to me is once again she shows how little she understands not just basic economics, but even unemployment. She needs to learn basic things about what it is to be a representative.”

Even the lovely Meat Puppet, able to put together her daily coherent thought chimed in "I watch AOC with a lot of hope but I’m cringing, and I would love to give her some advice."

Panic has begun to set in not because AOC is a young and ignorant loose cannon, but because she has let the cat out of the bag and saying exactly what the Dems really have in store for America, but don't want you to know......