Tuesday, May 17, 2022

I'd Say It's Better To Be MAGA King Than a Potato

Threatening Punches For Those Well Above His Weight Class, Potato Brain Takes On MAGA

Joe Biden is the greatest avatar of American decline since James Buchanan, whose title as Worst President Ever Biden will steal away in under 18 months in office. But what’s perhaps most frightening about Biden, given the advanced state of mental discombobulation his wife, party and handlers have disregarded in foisting him on the American people is the utter lack of self-awareness he shows with comments like his attack on DJT as the “MAGA King.” Donald Trump didn’t create the MAGA movement. He might have given it a name, but it existed long before he came along.

What people think of as MAGA was present with the Tea Party. The ruling class, of which Joe Biden is a lesser member, did everything they could to squash the movement. Republican establishment politicians tried to co-opt it and generally shined Tea Partiers on to get elected, only to ignore them after the fact. And nobody did a damn thing about the corrupt Obama-Biden administration’s abuse of the IRS as a political weapon against Tea Party organizations.

But, they failed to kill the movement. And DJT wasn’t the only  presidential candidate who appealed to it. Remember that if Trump hadn’t won the 2016 nomination, Ted Cruz would have. The spirit of the movement had grown so large by 2016 that one of the most qualified presidential fields in American history ate dust from Trump and Cruz’ heels because most Republican voters were so disgusted with the Rhino establishment politics.

Of course, the Left did what it does best to DJT. They calumnized, demonized and tried to destroy him. It wouldn’t have worked but for COVID, and even then it took, in Biden’s words, an unprecedented voter fraud operation which is now being exposed. 

But the movement still hasn’t died. It’s grown. Potato brain and his leftist freaks made that possible. And this fall there’s a wave election brewing which could relegate the democrat party to political irrelevance in a way not seen since the era dawned by Buchanan’s transformationally awful presidency. This is Joe Biden’s legacy.

It’s being forged amid disastrous news on the economic, foreign policy, national security and social fronts. Nothing works. Everything is stupid. We’re governed by people who suck on the national level and Americans are sick of it. There is a growing national sense that Biden is illegitimate, that his potato brain isn’t sufficient to the job, that his party is run by morons and freaks and that the country is on the verge of collapse. And his response is to call the MAGA movement, which has always sought American economic revival, a bunch of racist, terrorists and hurl lame insults at Trump.

No President has ever spoken of such a number of American citizens in such disgusting and divisive ways. 

This won’t end well for Biden. But what’s worse is it won’t end well for us. You can’t have an corrupted incompetent liar who can’t tell what time it is running the country. At least it’s clear change is coming in the midterms, and with enough turnover in Congress and the right candidate, the White House in 2024.

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