Monday, September 26, 2022

Are Democrats in the Midst of an Epic Stupid Comment Contest??

I don't know if the panic of their impending loss in the mid-terms, or maybe the 'Roe' decision has pushed them over the cliff, but a quick glance at recent headlines make you wonder if they're having a stupid comment contest to divert their mass psychosis, or we should seriously give pause concerning their mental well being and grasp of reality.  Here is a quick list of just a few of this weekends headlines .....

John 'Frankenstein' Fetterman: I’m “Happy” To Release A Murderer Who Stabbed A Guy 26 Times With Garden Shears. 
Dem Rep. Al 'Caveman' Green: "Hiring 87,000 IRS Agents Will Bring Down Inflation…Will Bring Down Gas Prices”.  
Biden advisor Keisha Lance Bottoms: "MAGA Republican agenda" is an effort to "essentially destroy the United States of America". 
Alleged Vice President, Kamala Harris: "You Don’t Have To “Abandon” Faith To Agree With Abortion-On-Demand Until Birth"  
AOC: Women In America Oppressed Like Iranian Women 
DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas Claims “We Are Doing So Much” To Secure The Border. We're following the law" 
Creepy WH Spox Karen Jong-Perrier- “This Hurricane Season” Will Be “Helped” By Investment In Climate Change. 
Tank Abrams: "Baby Heartbeat At Six Weeks “Manufactured Sound Designed To Convince People” 
AOC: "Because Of “Burdens Of Capitalism” People Can’t Have Kids" 
Donna Brazile: "Biden Has Done a Fabulous Job on Economy."

I could go on, but I must go lie down now......

~ Thank You WHATFINGER NEWS & MJA@IOTWReport for the Linkage! ~

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