Monday, November 21, 2022

Most Interesting Job in Government : Joe Biden's Sign Language Interpreter

A usually lighthearted moment that a lot of Americans watch on the nightly news every year, this year’s WH Thanksgiving Turkey pardoning ceremony on the South Lawn was so strange that even the sign language interpreter who appeared next to Biden on the White House video feed seemed momentarily but genuinely shocked.

After pardoning turkeys Biden turned to Ronnie Parker of Circle S Ranch in Monroe, North Carolina, who raised the birds: “How many turkeys you got down there — you raising?” Parker replied "about nine and a half million turkeys a year.”

Biden, seemingly stunned by the high number, immediately made a comparison that those watching had a tough time deciphering — and his response left sign language interpreter Elsie Stecker with her mouth wide open.
After he made the comment, whose meaning nobody seemed able to comprehend, the president immediately turned to the turkey on the table as asked

“And the — anyway. You wanna talk?”

There was no fowl comment from the birds as they were quickly whisked away to safety. 

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