Wednesday, July 19, 2023

John Kerry Proves He's Still Inept at That Policy Stuff

Biden administration climate czar, the venerable Duke of Heinz - Earl of Ketchup - second rate former Secretary of State John Kerry, leaves Beijing with no deal, no potential deal, not a wisp of a deal, just his bag of dirty clothes. He announced Wednesday after three days of climate negotiations with Xi Jinping's government, he did succeed in having long and very detailed meetings with a lot very frank conversations, lots of fine dining and chardonnay, but it is clear that we are going to need a little more work to complete our task.  Translation: Kerry failure to return with any sort of climate agreement comes as another embarrassment to the Biden administration.

During Kerry's time in Beijing, Xi poured cold water on the Biden administration's attempts at climate diplomacy by not meeting with Kerry during the visit and on Tuesday, reiterating his nation's climate goals "will never be influenced by others." Xi basical told Kerry to have a fortune cookie and buzz off horseface. We got coal power plants to build. 

Leaving Beijing, Kerry looked "haggard and somewhat out of his mind", ranting about conservative bloggers in the U.S. making fun of him, and that he "needed an earth shaking international agreement to show those bastards!"

John F. Kerry, the multiple Purple Heart recipient no one pays any attention but his dogs, now desperately watches most of his political legacy, mainly the fraud of an Iran nuclear deal, the ridiculous climate change accord as well as the crown jewel of his foreign policy efforts, the Non-Aggression Pact with Canada, all being regulated to the dumpster of historical blunders.

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