Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Their Angst is Starting to Show.

After a very bad public outing in front of the world press in Italy, concluding this weekend with the west coast gucci marxist elite gleefully offering to burn piles of cash on the fire that is the Biden campaign while average Americans struggle, the state media is starting to show their nervousness.

MSNBC's token Asian host Alex Wagner, almost in tears while interviewing some chick named Susan Glasser, said that DJT will be held to a much lower standard than Biden during the upcoming debate. Glasser agreed, saying the MAGA base doesn't hold Trump "accountable" like them and the rest of the hostile drooling leftist democrat journalists.

We all know, short of Biden breaking into some crazy story like arm wrestling Mao Zedong, Joe makes it on and off the set without incident, he'll be declared the winner. 

Maybe if the media, NBC News and it's ugly step-sister MSNBC in particular, would remove their cranium from their anal sphincter they would see the media telling us we didn't see or hear what we just saw and heard, their constant smearing and censoring of political opposition, hysterical prophetic fantasies of arrest and internment camps, executions and the end of world, have done as much to wound Biden as Biden himself.  And that is undisputed fact if you've taken a breath in the last four years. 

They should be nervous. The smug bastards have lots of reasons to be.

Snake oil salesmen were never so well dressed. 

EARL Done This

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