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Monday, June 28, 2021

The Fire Marshalls of Free Speech

Mathematician & Economist Eric Weinstein (brother of Brett, and also a professor of a heterodox bent) railed against the current system of censorship we have.  Specifically, we are forbidden by the Church of Woke from departing from any of the Consecrated Lies, until a pope of the Church of Woke, like Jon Stewart, issues a papal decree giving us permission to speak the obvious truth.  He also notes that singer Arianna Grande took a selfie without a mask on and suddenly the left declared it was safe to go maskless.  Because she, being a celebrity, is also a pope in the Church of Woke.  But Weinstein doesn't use the church/inquisitors metaphor.  Rather, he likens our current censorious era as one of Free Speech Fire Marshalls.  The Fire Marshalls tell you when free speech is too dangerous -- not crying fire in a crowded theater, but actually fire in a crowded theater.  But then the Fire Marshalls also tell us, sometimes, that now it's safe to use some free speech again.

Eric Weinstein @EricRWeinstein

"We've had many recent stunning reversals that all have the same exact pattern. The mainstream says when the obvious may be acknowledged.

A) Time mag. says: There Was a conspiracy against Trump in the Election.

B) The Lab is Likely the Covid Origin.

C) You can enjoy Outdoors.

I could have been maskless outdoors long ago. I knew the Lab was never a racist wildeyed idea. And I knew tech was conspiring against even anti-Trump accounts that were off-narrative. They did the same on masks. And on flu worse than "no big deal" COVID. The exact same pattern.

Okay. Where is the story: "a lot of people we call crazy got everything right before we did... but we get to determine who is allowed to think and speak using platforms." The platforms are punishing everyone who doesn't wait for the signal.

Mostly conservative refuse to wait. It's like an intellectual fire drill where we all get marched out of the building of sane rational thought while lunatic firemen search for the fire that isn't there. Jon Stewart is a narrative fire Marshall. "You can't be sane just yet... Okay... Now it's safe to use your mind."

This is what conservatives and disaffected liberals have in common. We don't wait to use our mind because the New York Times or NPR isn't sure what will happen if we think for ourselves. 

Ariana Grande is a Fire Marshall. When she dances with no mask, we all can. Thx @ArianaGrande ! I think this is the common cause I feel with Conservatives most. I hate outsourcing my brain in my one beautiful life to people appointed to control when it is safe to think. I don't want intellectual fire Marshalls unless D-day is next week and we can't afford a misstep. Ariana Grande is pretty. And she can sing. But she ain't Francis Crick or Sydney Brenner [both Nobel Prize winners for medicine], and they would *never* ask me to stop thinking until Ariana and Jon Steward give the all clear.

This is why smart people hate this fire Marshall system. It's going to happen again. End it. Moral. It's not that conservatives are smarter. It is that they aren't obedient. 

The Democratic Party is becoming the party of obedient thinkers. Good puppy. Now lie down. Good boy. Now say "Flatten The Curve." "Come on. Come on boy. You can do it. Yes! You said it. I'm so proud." At some point it'll be allowable to say Anti-Racism is racism rebranded. But everyone who jumps the gun is not a good doggy. It will be acceptable to say intersectionality developed into a shakedown. But the key is did you wait for the stewardess to stand or did you jump the gun? Yes the plane is still. Yes the pilot left the aircraft after shutting the engines. But if you decide to get up before air hostess Ariana dances you are a bad bad person. 

That's not for you to decide. That's for Ariana. And Fauci. And Jon."

By the way, conservatives are in fact smarter than liberals, if you take education level as a proxy for intelligence. (Which liberals, almost to a man, do.)  Conservatives have higher rates of graduation from college.  Liberals can point to a higher number of Ph.D.'s, but that is a very small group and doesn't outweigh the big advantage conservatives have in college-level education.

Excerpted from "Eric Weinstein: Kill the Fire Marshalls of Free Speech" @AceHQ

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Another Grim Milestone of Yet Another Day of America

Whatever George Floyd did in terms of why he was arrested in the first place and from the look of how he was behaving while being arrested cannot ever justify the taking of his life.  I don't buy the official story either that he died at the hospital perhaps from some other cause.  He died at the hands of that officer and the others who did not intercede to prevent it.

With that out of the way, we now have the city of Minneapolis in flames, as well as copycat rioting in other cities to "protest" Floyd's killing. In fact, thugs evidently were able to pull off an Assault on Precinct 13 attack on a police station and set it on fire.  Even more disturbing is the attack on a woman in a wheelchair by these poor, misunderstood little darlings who were no doubt turning their lives around and reacted in a way that should not be criticized because moral relativism or some such thing.  This kind of behavior is as horrendous as that of the police.  But I suppose I'll be criticized for being too blindly pro-law enforcement for mentioning it?

Worst of all are the pronouncements from what I consider to be down there with pedophiles, sex-traffickers and drug dealers as the lowest form of humanity: the self-promoting political opportunist.  Bipedal turds like Colin Kaepernick, Cookie Milano and Frances Fisher whose contributions to our cultural heritage are less than nil, yet are openly fomenting race wars.  To paraphrase a famous bit of First World War propaganda, "white elitist Leftists will fight to the last poor, ignorant black man."  Not to pat myself on the back but if that doesn't crystallize the history of Democrat racism and racialism in this country, I don't know what does.  It cannot be stated enough that as horrendous and abhorrent as a white policeman killing a subdued black suspect is, this particular kind of incident is rare.   The vast majority of violent crimes in America's cities, by orders of magnitude, are committed by blacks against other blacks.  In either case, it's the Democrat-Media Complex that makes sure the former is always in the public eye and the latter is covered up.  That's because it keeps them in power and has kept them in power, especially on the state and local level, for decades.  That's why, all things considered, it is not hyperbole to openly and emphatically label the American Left and Democrat party as evil.

This incident, and virtually every other incident involving white law enforcement and minority perpetrator took place in jurisdictions that are and have been controlled by Democrats.  In part or in toto, Democrats comprise the majority of mayors, city councils, DAs, police commissioners and chiefs, aldermen, as well as state legislatures, attorneys general and governors in some instances.  They write the laws, they train the officers, they enact the policies. And yet year after year, blacks and other minorities vote for them blindly because they are told that Democrats are the solution to their problems - problems that only get worse and get blamed on the white man, conservatives, Republicans, capitalism, etc. etc. etc.

Again, it's either an amazing coincidence or damned good luck that the tragic and completely unjustified killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis cop came just as Democrats were running out of excuses to continue the General Tso's Sicken lockdown - - and that the revelations about Barack Obama's direct knowledge of and more than likely participation in the plot to sabotage the 2016 election and then overthrow President Trump with the Russia Collusion hoax/fraud are coming to light. - J.J. Sefton


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