Monday, July 25, 2011

Nancy Pelosi Joins New Rolling Stones Lineup

Well known for her vocal prowess, today guitarist Keith Richards welcomed Nancy Pelosi to the Rolling Stones lineup just in time for the Stones "Old and Filthy Rich" world tour. The former Speaker of the House told reporters at a press conference she missed the cameras and bright lights, and that she could show Mick Jagger a thing or two about shaking an ass.  Tickets for the world tour are said to start at $250.00.

Pelosi and Keith Richards

Image via: iOwnTheWorld 

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  1. ROTFLMAO funny!!! Congresswoman Rosa DeLaura looks more like Keith Richards than Keith does and that is not a good thing. Beauty may only be skin deep but DeLaura is ugly to the bone. I think I need a shot of Black Jack to get over this experience.