Saturday, March 3, 2012

This Is Your Life : Barack Obama

With Sincere Apologies to Ralph Edwards....

We Begin at the Beginning......

Born Barry Soetoro
August 4, 1961.......Somewhere?

The Formative Years:
Besuki Public School, Jakarta Indonesia

A Talented Leader and Star Athlete
Punahou College Preparatory School

Visiting the Folks
Kenya 1976

The Ladies Man
Graduation: 1979

Overcame the struggles of an 
underprivileged black youth in America

The Occidental College Years

 Columbia University - B.A Degree 1981
(records sealed)

Harvard Law School - 1988
(records sealed)

Visiting Law and Government Fellow
 University of Chicago Law School - 1991 

Marriage to Sweet Heart
Michelle Robinson - October 3, 1992

A Successful Community Organizer

A Man of the People

A Devoted Husband

Illinois State Senate 1996 - 2004

United States Senate 2004 -2008

A Man of High Ambition

A Noble Peace Prize Winner..(?)

A Keen Observer of Foreign Affairs

The Consummate Politician

The 44th President of the United States
Thanks IOTW for the Linkage