Friday, June 28, 2013

The Obama Family Album: The Africa Trip - Day 1

Middle Finger News Service

The First Family travel to Senegal,
South Africa, and Tanzania 

 Upon arriving , the girls brief the President on the upcoming activities and official
US State Department directives in event of encounter with
horny giraffes or capture by cannibals

The First lady just seconds after she realizes the the bite she just swallowed
was the dog she was petting a few hours earlier.


Barack engaged in one of his favorite boyhood actives growing up in Kenya,
hippopotamus tipping.

.....and freelance  Earl of Taint  grabbed this shot while passing through the area.

Adding to her reputation as one of the most fashion-forward First Ladies
ever, Michelle Obama appears in a traditional Senegalese Wookie Suit
to show off her newest ‘do’. Pictured here standing in support of
Senegal’s outlawed LBGT community, she demonstrates once again
her fearless and daring personal style along with her unceasing advocacy
for perverts everywhere.

 Africa Trip:



  1. In that middle picture The Wookie has the same look in her eyes that you see in the eyes of Trayvon Martin's girl friend on the witness stand, that of a half human, beligerent, hater. How the hell did we get saddled with this family in the People's house.

  2. The First Lady's spokesperson described the new "cut" as a traditional African style known as "the Simba". The intricate weave was hand-crafted for FLOTUS by local women from the hair of wicked albino witches. Tribal lore holds that the wearer of the wig gains increased strength, libido and big bouncy buttocks.

    (Thanks Jan!)