Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The First Lady's New Initiative:

Using Hip-Hop to Fight Obesity
US NEWS - In June, first lady Michelle Obama appeared in a hip-hop music video that featured rapper Doug E. Fresh, singer-songwriter Jordin Sparks and TV medical personality Dr. Oz. The catchy song urged kids to "work hard/eat right" and "tell somebody/it's your body/c'mon." The song was just the first of a 19-track album, the majority of which are hip-hop, to be released by the Partnership for a Healthier America, the anti-obesity nonprofit that launched in conjunction with Michelle Obama's Let's Move! anti-obesity campaign, and a New York-based group called Hip Hop Public Health.
Let's Move! Executive Director and White House assistant chef Sam Kass says the White House is fully behind the initiative to use hip-hop – and other genres of music – as a tool to get kids to live healthier lives..."
"I think hip-hop in particular – so many kids love hip-hop. It's such a core part of our culture ...and particularly in the African-American community and the Latino community which is being disproportionately affected by those health issues......." 
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I know when I think of a healthy happy life, Hip- Hop culture always comes to mind.  Sex, guns, bitches, ho's, crotch grabbing, murder and retribution, and of course the racist underpinnings thereof make a perfect launching pad for a young healthy mind and body. Propagandize their mind, their ass will follow.

"I didn't think this woman could besmirch the office of the First Lady any more than she had already done. Once again, the Obama's degrade the appearance of the office to new lows."

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  1. You are such a sick, sick man to post such an insult to Dear Leader . . . keep up the good work.