Saturday, March 14, 2015

Kim Jong Un To Be First World Leader Into Space

(MFNS - Pyongyang) -  Not to be out done by their Chinese neighbors, the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea announced Friday they have successfully completed it's first historic test of it's new space launch vehicle (see Video Below) that will propel the DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong -Un into orbit and space history. 

Much was made of the strange disappearance from public view by Leader Kim last year. In fact Kim was undergoing difficult and intense training at the DPRK Space Science and Appliance Repair Institute of Pyongyang. During the rigorous training, Kim was fitted with radio receivers planted directly into his brain and given a more aerodynamic hair style.  

Test will continue under the deep cover of secrecy, and no firm launch date is set.  

U.S. Intelligence had no comment on the news other then saying their satellite eves dropping had pick up a lot of giggling coming from the area of North East China. 

Video Stolen Courtesy of  The Woodsterman Cultural Observer