Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Barky To Say Farewell - Unveil Mock-up of Library

"Since George Washington, U.S. presidents have often delivered a final address to the American people as a way to share both their reflections on their time in office and their outlook on the future of our country. As his time in office comes to a close, President Obama will return to Chicago to deliver his Farewell Address on the evening of January 10, 2017."
Besides expertly glossing over his abject failure as a leader, on the occasion of the President's speech will be the unveiling of a mock up of his soon to be built massive Presidential Library in his home town.
"The same streets where a young community organizer once inspired his community to take action will serve as the home base for a foundation that will organize and inspire people of all backgrounds and beliefs to better their communities, their country and their world." 
Middle Finger News was given a sneak peek of the proposed entrance to the hallowed halls of The Obama Presidential Library (pictured below) to be on display to the public after the speech.
Our own intrepid MFNS reporter Earl of Taint early in 2015 submitted his own design to the Presidential Library Conceptual Design Contest. We wait eagerly to see if Earl will be honored with his design acceptance. If so, Earl will personally be on-site to oversee the massive complex construction of Library, Amusement Park and Progressive Friendly "George Michael Memorial Public Restroom" facilities.
Thank You MJA and Doug Ross Journal for  the Linkage