Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Kim Jong Un Wins Inaugural DPRK Grand Prix Road Race

MFNS PYONGYANG - The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea today announces that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has bested the world in Pyongyang in the first DPRK Grand Prix Road Race for three wheeled racing machines.  Dear Leader Kim drove to a glorious victory in front of hundreds of thousands of adoring spectators as they cheered. The race was held at the new Dennis Rodman Memorial Racing Complex, formerly the site of Kim's Father, Kim Jong Il's favorite Korean stick farm.

Kim challenged road racing's best drivers in the world to come and compete against him in North Korea's new three wheeled 'Fookwad' M3 Formula 6 class racing machines and prove once again to the world the superiority of North Korean technology. And to prove his superior abilities to handle the tricky high powered three wheeled machines, Dear Leader Kim humbly offered to the rest of the drivers that he start the race from the back row.

Dear Leader more than proved his driving abilities by taking the lead soon after the first turn and lapping the entire field numerous times while leading all 1500 laps of the race. 

Race Video via ESPN Pyongyang    

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