Thursday, November 30, 2017

Journalistic Midgets and Manufactured News

One of the most pathetic features of today’s journalist wasteland is the non-ending stream of mindlessly dishonest hit pieces on Donald Trump, his family, and anyone in his administration. Unlike in years past where this kind of stuff was relegated to hyper-partisan writers at self-identified leftist media outlets, today it passes for mainstream journalism. Take this story from the journalistic midgets at Newsweak Newsweek: IVANKA TRUMP PLAGIARIZES ONE OF HER OWN SPEECHES IN INDIA. (I won't link to this pathetic rag. You can Google it)

This intrigued me because plagiarizing yourself is one of the few things that is actually impossible to do:
We can argue whether Ivanka should have been using parts of campaign stump speech at this event, but to call it plagiarism is an exercise in slander because Newsweek knows that recycling your own material without attribution is not an issue to anyone who is not trying to manufacture and scandalize an issue, as weak an issue as it is no less.  But, we are talking of a organization that was once bought for $1.00........

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