Thursday, November 30, 2017

Michigan AG Candidate Really Wants You to Know She Won't Be Whipping Out Her Penis

Michigan Attorney and Candidate for State Attorney General, Dana Nessel,  decided to capitalize on all the recent male sexual harassment news by reassuring voters she is running on a "no Johnson" platform and that there is no way she would show anyone her Penis.  And since the left has gone to great lengths to explained to us that you can call yourself a woman and indeed have a penis, it's important for this Democrat to point out to voters that she is not so equipped and has no penis to flash at you or her staff if elected. 

After watching her campaign commercial I hope she is as emphatic about keeping her moustache shaved as not doing any staff harassin' or showing her no-no parts.

And I ask you, in this video below, does she not look like
 Anthony Weiner in Drag????

Vote for me because I have a vagina.
Is anyone else getting a feeling of deja vu all over again here?

[CBS Detroit]
H/T Broadside Betty

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