Friday, December 1, 2017

Y'all Take a Deep Breath and Relax

We were greeted this morning with the news that Robert Mueller let Michael Flynn off with a relatively minor plea deal to one count of lying to investigators:
JUST IN: @BrianRoss on @ABC News Special Report: Michael Flynn promised "full cooperation to the Mueller team" and is prepared to testify that as a candidate, Donald Trump "directed him to make contact with the Russians."
Of course this tweet was from none other then ABC’s Brian Ross, who we all know has a rep for reporting unverified info in the past in order to be the first on the air.  I was told when his statement was read live on "The View" that two of the more vehement Trump Hating Banshees literally had orgasms right there on camera and, like many lefties on The Tweeter, it was Whoop There IT IS!........Proof of collusion!........Trump Needs to Resign! Blah Blah Blah...

However, the more believable Reuters, as well as others like Fox News were reporting that the prosecution is focusing not on Candidate Trump, but on President-Elect Trump. Big difference. 
Prosecutors say Flynn was told by the senior member of Trump transition team to reach out to other countries to influence the U.N. vote to delay or defeat the resolution 
An order from a “senior member of Trump transition team” could mean Trump. It could also mean Chris Christie, Mike Pence, or one of the Trump family.  It could also mean combinations of them or all of them. But valid reasons exist for a president-elect to reach out to foreign governments, although not for the purpose of interfering with the current administration’s foreign policy, as Flynn now appears to have admitted doing with Russian envoy Sergey Kislyal in December. If it’s just about the transition, it might be that Mueller wants to make a Logan Act case, which hasn’t been tried for almost 200 years.

There is lots to be learned about all this yet.

But seeing the former late night comedians have pretty much run out of Trump material and have had to turn on old men in Alabama as well as rely on made up stories lately, see post immediately below, all this comes at a great time for them.........

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