Sunday, April 8, 2018

Joe Biden Boasts of Keeping 'Brilliant Judge' Off Supreme Court


"More than 30 years after a relentless campaign of character assassination kept Robert Bork from a seat on the Supreme Court, one of the architects of that attack is belatedly crediting its target for his brilliance. Appearing on the podcast 'Pod Save America' Joe Biden revisited his role in derailing Bork's nomination to the court in 1987 while Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
"I'm the guy that kept there from being a guy who was maybe the most brilliant conservative who was nominated for the Supreme Court (Favreau snickers) and I kept him off the court. And I was able to ... in the Judiciary Committee (to) defeat (Clarence) Thomas (nominated by the elder Bush four years later). Bork got flat defeated. Thomas got defeated in committee. But the Constitution says the Senate shall advise and consent, not a committee shall advise and consent. And one of the reasons why I think the president didn't picked the man we picked who was a really good guy, remember, some liberals were angry we didn't pick somebody way left, because the Constitution as written says the Senate has as much right to determine who is on the court as the president does. It says the president can propose, the Senate disposes."
As is his wont, Biden lets the cat out of the bag. The biggest problem for liberals when it came to Bork was not his originalist views of the Constitution, or that he pulled the trigger for Nixon in the so-called Saturday Night Massacre, but the fact that he was brilliant and could be expected to push the court to the right for generations to come -- hence he had to be destroyed.

How seemingly gracious of Biden to acknowledge Bork as legal exemplar, albeit long after it mattered and seeing how it is now beyond dispute." - Read More

It's worth noting that Judge Robert Bork's months-long nomination battle in 1987 roughly aligned with Biden's first doomed run for the presidency which ended amid growing evidence of his lack of integrity for plagiarizing remarks from other politicians. Also leading the charge against Bork that year was the womanizing drunken douche bag, Senator Ted Kennedy.

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