Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tim Kaine: Uh Yeah, so maybe Obama and Kerry didn’t get all those Syrian chemical weapons after all

In case you’ve forgotten, and heaven knows I certainly have tried to, Tim Kaine is the Senator from  Virginia who had the political misfortune of attaching his rising star to Madam Clinton’s epic presidential catastrophe. He was selected as Clinton’s 2016 running mate because like millions upon millions of other Americans, he speaks Spanish. This little bit of transparent pandering was supposed to deliver the Hispanic vote, allowing Hillary to win without evil white males, who she felt were deplorable bitter clingers and totally unnecessary to her victory. If that strategy seems crazy to you, congratulations, you have better judgement that Tim Kaine, who speaks Spanish.

Anyway, MSNBC pulled Timmy out of the political dark shadows of the U.S. Senate this morning and asked him: Hey, didn’t Obama and Kerry say they’d eliminated all of Syria’s chemical weapons? Tim Kaine, who boldly chose to answer in English despite being a fluent Spanish-speaker, responded honestly. Yeah…..about that…. 

Whoops! Apparently, from 2013-2017, when Obama’s surrogates were telling every news show on the planet that they’d eliminated Assad’s stockpile and the lapdogs of the media were praising the “amazing” and “potentially groundbreaking” 2013 deal in which John Kerry(he fought in Vietnam you know)and Barky Obama entrusted Russian forces with the disposal of Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal, they weren’t quite telling the truth.

Someone should alert Politifact to this shocking turn of events, since they rated Kerry’s claims “mostly true.” I guess we now know that we can chalk-up the following video is yet another collection of the previous administration’s major league flim-flammery, hokum and other folksy homespun words for “blatant lies.”

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