Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Perhaps the Finest Example of TDS We’ve Seen Yet.

by Robert Laurie

Everywhere you look, you see them: Panicked progressives and NeverTrumpers, running wild in the streets, screaming that the sky is falling. America – democracy itself – is doomed and soon we will awaken to find ourselves in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max hellscape. Once powerful pols and pundits will roam the barren land searching for seersucker and bowties, trying desperately to organize the kind of cocktail parties they used to enjoy.

What could have caused such a tectonic shift, you ask? In a word “him.” The beast. Donald J. Trump. He came crashing into town, defeated their mighty champion, and now they’ve lost all hope. This is the core of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Everything they understood to be true about their place in the political pecking order has been upended and they’re terrified that “the old way of doing things will never return.”

No one has made that clearer than Matthew Walther, the “National Correspondent” for an occasionally-respected publication called “The Week.” He’s convinced that an army of Trump supporters are, at this very moment, conspiring to eliminate the 22nd Amendment. This would remove presidential term limits and keep Trump in the Oval Office …for all of eternity! As he puts it “Trump may never leave the White House.” He warns you…this is not idle speculation:
"I don’t think it’s reasonable to dismiss the possibility of a third term for this president as idle speculation. The 22nd Amendment can be repealed like any other, and both geography and math favor Republican attempts at amendment. The end of presidential term limits would not necessarily be, in the long term, a one-sided partisan affair. It is perfectly reasonable to imagine a future in which a popular young Democratic president is elected to third and even fourth terms, perhaps non-contiguously, with a four-year interlude from a lucky but ultimately ill-fated Republican challenger. 
I do not know a single supporter of the president who opposes the idea, at least in theory, of Trump serving more than eight years. The man himself has entertained it openly, praising Xi Jinping for getting rid of term limits in China. Meanwhile, speculation about whether Obama would have beaten Trump if he had run for a third term is a liberal cottage industry. Obama, who agrees that he would have been elected again if he had run two years ago, is a young man. Perhaps he could be the one to beat Trump in 2024. 
If you think two more years of Trump in the White House sounds like a nightmare, imagine having to read about his late-night Oval Office tweets for another decade, or even longer."
This is perhaps the finest example of TDS we’ve seen yet. Not only has he killed us with net neutrality, tax cuts, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh, but now international media outlets are speculating that he’s going to repeal the 22nd Amendment and stay in office for life!

You have to be a spectacular imbecile to think that he, or the voters who put him in office, are in any way looking to go down this path.

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