Friday, September 28, 2018

The View From the Far End of the Sofa

Now that the spectacle of the Kavanaugh hearings, Part 2: “Tales From the Yearbook” and the grilling of a Supreme Court Nominee about high school fart jokes are over, it becomes obvious that the Democrats have overplayed their #MeToo hand. In their zeal to derail the nomination of a highly qualified judge, they played to the lowest denominator and seemed swept up in the frenzy of that movement and they may have inadvertently decimated the #MeToo movement. In its original incarnation, it was a movement about sexual assault and violence. In its current incarnation, it has morphed into an ugly catch-all for leftist complaints, now encompassing pay disparities, power structures, whisper networks, and intense personal hatred of white males with power.

As this latest round of the Kavanaugh hearings shows, reason, argument and even the law are outmoded. It has become an orgy of outrage. All men are nasty predators and the accuser is to believed no matter how preposterous, unsubstantiated,or uncorroborated the accusation is, witnesses to the contrary be damned. And if all men are nasty predators who carry a presumption of guilt, that makes all women victims. The feminist of old would cringe if alive today to see their gender relegated back to the role of victim…by women themselves.

Guilt cannot be presumed simply for carrying the Y chromosome. Awkward advances and clumsy moves are now defined as sexual assault. Sexual assault is not some guy coming onto you, and proclaiming it over Facebook does not make it so. Neither is “abuse” regret after the fact. And did anyone notice no one followed up on the fact she herself admitted to drinking on the occasion of her accusation?

After yesterday's testimony, yes I'm of the belief Christine Ford may have been, sometime and somewhere, a victim of an attempted assault that she may have stored away in her unconscious for decades. I am also equally convinced her attacker was not Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

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