Thursday, June 20, 2019

Headline of the Day: Shark Bites Personal Injury Lawyer

A Georgia 'Slip & Fall" Personal Injury Lawyer, Gene Brooks, is hearing lawyer shark jokes from colleagues and friends on social media as he recovers from a shark bite that sent him to the emergency room.  Brooks, of Savannah, says a shark bit him as he was swimming in the Wilmington River on Sunday, reports Savannah Now. He received 23 stitches, 20 of them in his arm and three in his chest. Experts say the likely culprit was a bull shark that can survive in fresh and salt water. The shark may have mistaken Brooks for food because of murky waters caused by heavy rain.

Brooks told the State that the shark likely decided it didn’t want Brooks after discovering he was too bony. “It wasn’t a full bite, but the teeth hit me in the chest and underneath my arm. Brooks, who has practiced law for more than 35 years, insists that the shark is not guilty of a personal attack. He has lived on the water for 28 years and has had no previous problem with sharks.

A picture on social media shows Brooks bandaged up, smiling and holding a Landshark beer provided by a neighbor. With apologies to singer Jimmy Buffet, he saw no fins to the left or fins to the right. He’s taking the lawyer jokes in stride.  

There has been no word as to if the shark died.

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