Friday, June 21, 2019

Trump Pulls Out. Media Left Unsatisifed.

They were all primed, the blood rushing to their tiny bits. They had their experts(?) lined up, their fire-breathing democrat favorites all ready to go, the scripts written with the "Trump Is A Warmonger" and a "Racist for Attacking Iran"...etc etc (I'm sure Don Lemon wasted some valued cuddle time with his boyfriend to write a nasty little script for tonight's CNN). All of DC was waiting for an imminent strike on Iran after the FAA closed Iranian airspace over the Gulf of Oman to US flights.

But then, the New York Times reported that DJT had changed his mind, ordering planes already in the air(?) headed to take out Iranian missile and radar targets to stand down. Trump was concerned about a "disproportionate" response. Some media sycophants were beside themselves. He didn't realize before that someone might get all died or hurt they said???

One analyst just couldn't believe Trump "would be concerned about the fate of a bunch innocent Muslims", and "we're still waiting on that scientific, NOT WORD documentation of the shoot down." But the Washington Post was willing to take the word of  commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's aerospace division, who says that the US drone was accompanied by a manned surveillance plane, which the Iranians compassionately decided not to shoot down.

The media is NOT HAPPY that they've been in a circle jerk, flogging this splendid little war all week, and a chance to yell 'Warmonger', only to have the rug pulled out from under them. The least he could have done was tell them that the new script calls for "proportionate response," or whatever in their infinite wisdom they chose to call it. Guess this calls for more time on the couch and another Therapy Session for many in the media already on the edge. It makes me wonder what they would have said about Barack Obama's false machismo and the psychology of his indecisiveness had he waffled on an attack and pulled back before the shooting started because he found the response unacceptable in that it might kill civilians.

OH Wait, He Did.  


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