Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Oh Ricky!

MSNBC's Russia Hoax Queen’s ratings have come crashing down to the lowest since DJT was elected. Ricky Maddow spent two years juicing her ratings by promising her gullible audience she had the goods on Trump, that she alone could connect the Russia Collusion dots, that she was guaranteeing Trump not only colluded with Russia, but that he will be impeached, arrested, and jailed as a traitor. For two years this grifter strung her audience along with the promise that tonight’s show will be the Trump killshot…

But it was all bullshit, all lies, all desperate paranoid delusions of collusion invented by con woman/conspiracy theorist who got high sniffing her own press clippings. Sure, Maddow still has a sizable audience, but 500,000 of her viewers have finally had enough, finally got tired of being lied to, finally figured out they were being played for rubes.

She looks foolish now, exposed, and that is something almost impossible to overcome or to live down. Her intellectual bravado comes off a little hollow now, a little shrill… She’s not the old tried, true, and confident Rachel Maddow anymore and she never will be; no one is after they grift away their credibility and integrity. Maddow is so tarnished now, the far-left New York Times — New York Times! — refuses to allow its reporters to spear on her show. And this ban has nothing to do with her being a left-wing opinion host. The Times still allows its reporters to appear with other left-wing opinion hosts, like CNN’s Jake Tapper — even though Tapper’s ratings are about a fourth of what Maddow still delivers.

The problem is that Maddow is now damaged goods, damaged beyond repair, a fool and a liar exposed beyond redemption.

And the news just keeps getting worse for the Progturds at CNN... 

I'll drink to that!
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