Monday, June 3, 2019

The Nicaraguan Piglet Apologizes to the U.K. For DJT

Bitter and Fat is No Way To Go Through Life

Monday is media kickball day at DMF. They never seem to disappoint us. They've had all weekend to gather together at parties, or lay around and get drunk and dream up their next verbal assault against DJT. This weekend offered a bonanza of opportunities, with the official Royal visit across the pond to the see the aging Queen of the former British Empire. The Nicaraguan born Piglet Ana Navarro was no exception.

The former Republican strategist, current Anti-Trump CNN contributor and part-time co-host on 'The View', had a singular message to all of the United Kingdom, no doubt to their collective relief.  She delivered her message as Donald Trump‘s state visit got underway and cable news has been wall-to-wall with clips and images of the royals and the Trumps mixing and mingling, just waiting for a DJT to crash. God save the Queen from Donald Trump. But unable to conjure up anything nice to say, the cackling hens of 'The View' discussed how Trump has lost more money than anyone, and whether he’s actually talking about policy or politics. They talked about how he is less popular than the ‘Black American Princess’ *COUGH* Meghan Markle, and the big baby balloon that protesters fly when Trump comes to town, and the feud with London Mayor Squid Khan, in rapid fire style.

As they prepared to go to break, Navarro said “well listen, just one last message to the Brits?” “I’m sorry,” said Navarro, to the laughter of her co-hosts and applause from the audience.

If there is any apologizin' to be done, it should be Ana herself, mainly for regular appearing with the dumbest man in cable news, Don Lemon, on his toxic hate fest sideshow on CNN. If anything, she should apologize for night-after-night twisting the words and policies of the president and repeating the dems propaganda lines.  She drips with animosity while pretending to still be a Republican.

Ana, your acrimony and bitterness is very unbecoming, not to mention very unprofessional. Not that I would call all but a few media types anything other than unprofessional propagandist these days. But maybe that's why you're 48 years old and it took you so long to finally find someone willing to marry you.

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