Thursday, June 27, 2019

Post Clown Debate Observations For Those Smart Enough Not To Have Watched.

Well, no real surprises tonight, just the 10 bitching about mainly the same crap they have been all my life, with a few recent issues added in. DJT got off light, as most of the issues could have been addressed by other presidents they supported and congressional bodies of which they were seated in the past, but were careful not to let on they themselves were responsible for any of the mess. (lookin' at you Lizzy).  It was basically the economy sucks, the rich are too rich and of course the occasional Trump is a Dick. But not once did anyone mention front runner Joe.

Senator Lizzy was placed front and center as obvious front runner of this group of dwarfs. My one question of the night would have been "does this woman own any clothes?" My Gawd lady, how many times do we have to see you in that same purple jacket?????

Moving on, the pregame show featured a head scratching performance by a giddy Nicole Wallace who sounded like a liquored up 16 year-old just before a rock concert. Brian Williams was...well Brian Williams without the tall stories of mythical heroism.

As the main event started Senator Lizzy's meds had obviously kicked in and the usual shakes as she rattled on were evident.  The highlights of Lizzy's night; corporations are just bad - Free college for everybody. She went into detail bashing the very healthcare system she and her comrades voted for and ceremoniously rammed down our throats. She seems to have a real mental block concerning the realization Health Ins. co. have to make a profit to stay in business. DUH! She also wants you to pay for Tameka's abortion so she can use her money to lease a new Toyota.  Lizzy somehow doesn't get it that gun violence isn't a public health problem, it's a cultural problem. But that can't said in public, but everyone of these political scam artist know it.  By closing statements, Lizzy's meds had wore off and looked like she needed a beer.  But in the end, she made it perfectly clear, she's gonna fight for all you little people you!

Beto, more reserved than usual (possibly because they wouldn't let him  stand on his podium) sporadically broke out into Spanish, speaking to to all the future border jumpers - was for raising the corporate tax rate to punish employers - called for a democrat rewrite of all existing immigration laws in their own image, and like all the candidates, gave rigmarole answers to hide the true intentions - unfettered immigration via porous borders. They ain't foolin' nobody. Beto also wants to let the traumatized school shooting kids have a say in writing new gun laws. Yo Beto, we don't need you or any other kids input concerning our constitutional rights. Beto's says he's doing it for the children though. What a F**kin' dope!

Senator Amy said "we need more immigrants." What? To sleep in the streets? She also said DJT should not make any moves concerning Iran without asking her and her congressional comrades. And they will say NO!

Senator Spartacus was kind enough to remind us twice he was black, and kept reminding us he lives in a crime ridden neighborhood. That's really no way to talk about the Nations Capital, Cory.  He too broke out into Spanish, but I'm still trying to understand what the word "Toenail" has to do with politics? Spartacus is in favor of....... licensing all guns. NO! You Dope. You license cars, pilots and businesses, NOT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTs!  He also said "the democrats need to get the courts back so they can pass their legislation." Read that quote again.  In the end he assured the people he was the one to beat down that Donald Trump guy.

Julio (or was it really Juan?) is for tax payer funded abortion coverage for Transexuals.....  Wait, What?  And he is also enthusiastically in favor of taxing the hell outta you for a Marshall Plan for the rest of the hemisphere, decriminalize illegal immigration and make it like parking ticket. It's basically MAMA, 'Make America Mexico Again' agenda.

And that brings us to the Honorable Mayor of NYC, who more than once reminded the people in attendance he was the Honorable Mayor of NYC, who wants to take your guns and money and make America like NYC. Nuff ' Said. You're excused. Thanks For Playing the game, Bill.

I must stop for a moment to say, Ricky Maddow looked absolutely fabulous tonight with his black, horn rimmed, look more smarter Rachel Goggles from the past. Good Times, Good Times. And Chuck Toad still, as always, looked like street corner pervert. But as questioners, I admit they were both most excellent. 

I vaguely remember the other candidates yapping (I was in the kitchen lookin' for the corkscrew, which took priority at the time) about the seas rising and green stuff, that we need more corrupt unions as well as giving us all "Free Health Care" (but you can still buy your own if you want to). That my friend sums up the democrats thinking. You tell me, if their grand plan for Free Healthcare is so good, why would I spend my money to pay for different health care myself??? These people truly believe their voters are stupid.

All in all, the real winner was Crazy Joe. Not one person took a shot. They all know they're losers.

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