Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Dorkus Maximus Breaks Ground for Historic Presidential Non-Library Library

There is something distinctly unhealthy for democracy in our new tradition of building bigger and bigger museums for each president as if they were pharaohs in ancient Egypt trying to construct bigger pyramids than those erected for their predecessors. Such institutions are a reflection of the inflation of each president into something earlier Americans would think of as a monarch rather than the elected leader of a republic. In this case we are talking about the inflated ego of one Barky Obama.

After a series of starts and stops and a lengthy legal battle with city and neighborhood residents who don't want it in the area and healthy bribes over construction clearance, Barky’s presidential library is pressing ahead with the site of the future non-archives.

According to the New York Times, it "won’t actually be a presidential library." There will be no research library on site, no physical archives room and none of Obama’s official presidential records. Instead, the Obama Foundation will pay to digitize and edit the roughly 30 million pages of unclassified paper records from the administration so they can be made available online, and presumably for the control to edit and rewrite history as needed to keep Barky out of prison.

But, there will be a Barky museum where no doubt Chris Mathew's famous leg will be on display, a sports space, a test kitchen, an art plaza, a kids’ area, and a new branch of the Chicago Public Library to compliment the giant egotistical monument to #44.

Back in 2017, Middle Finger News™ was given an exclusive sneak peek of the mock-up of the proposed entrance to the hallowed halls of The Obama Presidential Library (pictured below) after Barky's Presidential Farewell Speech.

And our own intrepid Middle Finger News Service Senior Political Reporter and Man About Town, Earl of Taint, early in 2015 submitted his own design to the Presidential Library Conceptual Design Contest.

We are still waiting eagerly to see if Earl will be honored with his design acceptance as the final design graphic has not been released.  If so, Earl will personally be on-site to oversee the massive complex construction of Library, Amusement Park and Progressive Friendly "George Michael Memorial Public Restroom" facilities.

You can read his full report here.

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