Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Democrats Can’t Run From Their Extremist Votes

Democrats are now desperate to separate themselves from the Doddering Old Man in the WH and his far-left agenda they once so smugly embraced ahead of the midterm elections this fall. In particular, Chuck Schumer's little cult of incumbent Senate Democrats. Given the heft of the far-left agenda and wealth of extremist votes pushed by Schumer since Jan 2021, that idea seems to be little more than wishful thinking.

Passing Tax Hikes and Massive Spending, ironically called Biden's "American Rescue Plan" and the $1.2 trillion + "infrastructure" bill, which contained little in the way of hard infrastructure. We were warned that this spending would set off inflationary pressures of a kind not seen in a generation. Since these bills were passed, inflation has outpaced wage growth every single month. Every single Democrat Senator that voted in favor of the American Rescue Plan also voted for the infrastructure bill, meaning that every single one is responsible for the inflation those bills caused.

After winning the slimmest possible majority in 2020, Democrats embarked on a campaign to either rig or destroy the institutions of American democracy, including the sacredness of the secret ballot, the Electoral College, the Supreme Court, the U.S. Senate, and Citizenship itself. They called their nasty little scheme the "For the People Act", an underhanded attempt to federalize elections and outlaw popular election integrity measures like Voter ID and bans on ballot harvesting, as well as expand government censorship of political speech, instituted public funding of political campaigns and just generally eliminate state’s rights to conduct their own elections.

Schumer has made clear that, if they can pick up even one seat in the Senate this fall, he will move again to abolish the centuries-old filibuster rule that protects minority rights in the Senate chamber, but also move quickly on other efforts effectuating a Washington takeover of elections, pack the Supreme Court, pack the Senate by adding new blue states, and eliminate the Electoral College, thus allowing a few heavily-populated blue cities and states to decide presidential elections.

While gaslighting American taxpayers about the border being secure, Democrats have exacerbated the border crisis by voting in favor of policies that encourage more illegal immigration. Monthly border apprehensions have already shattering records and the border is being overrun. While taxpayers struggle, Senate Democrats voted against a bill last year that would have prevented billions in taxpayer money from going to illegal aliens as part of the American Rescue Plan. Senate Democrats also shot down a bill to “prohibit illegal aliens with criminal records from receiving conditional or lawful permanent resident status in the United States.”

These votes send a dangerous message to the world that illegal alien criminals will be rewarded, not punished, for breaking U.S. laws. Heading into the midterm elections, Biden did no one any favors when he said “48 out of 50 Senators vote with me 95% of the time.” While Democrats may now try to escape culpability for the many problems Americans face, their voting record is something they can’t hide from and should have their nose rubbed in it like puppy shit. 

And yes, our way of life and system of government is in danger. Explaining these disastrous votes may well be one of the best ways to make the case to America why we are at this point and why it’s time to flush some turds out of Washington.

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