Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Bizarre Alliance Between Leftist and Muslim Extremists:

The virulent anti-Israel protests across America and Europe throw a glaring light on the bizarre alliance, the odd combination of far left activist at universities and the anti-west, militant followers of muhammad that now threaten Jews in the street, and intimidates anyone brave enough to voice their dissent.

What makes the alliance so strange are the deep-seated differences between leftists and muslim fundamentalists over core beliefs. The left supports women’s rights and full equality. Militant muslims oppose them. The left supports gay rights and gay marriage. Militant muslims toss homos off buildings. The left supports abortion rights. Militant muslims oppose them. They need the children to hide behind. The left is indifferent to religious freedom, Militant muslims believe infidels should be executed. The left opposes the death penalty. Militant muslims endorse it and praise their governments for using it.

These beliefs are not marginal for either group. They are foundational, and they are profoundly opposed to each other.

But they deal with differences very simply - Hate

Religious and Ethnic Hate serves as a kind of makeshift glue that binds these groups and their sympathizers in opposition to what they see as the West’s oppressive bourgeois colonizer culture, its tolerance for divergent views, and the unequal outcomes produced by merit and competition. 

Hate is a very powerful thing. Some know this more than others.

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