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Thursday, July 5, 2018

In the Battle for the Soul of America, There Can Be Only One Winner

The Unholy Left went to battle against America in the summer of 1968 and hasn’t stopped fighting since. They hated Nixon, they hated Reagan, they hated G. W. Bush and now, boy do they hate Donald J. Trump. From the moment it dawned on them on election night that Trump was going to win, they have gone to the mattresses, seeking to undermine the validity of the election and bring down the president of the United States.

While we’re waiting for the Left to see the light, let’s turn the tables and start using their own weapons against them. The very first Rule in my Book of Rules is this: “Know Your Enemy, His Intentions, and His Weapons—and Use Them Against Him.” Tolerance is not a virtue, diversity is not a goal, and hate is sometimes a very useful, self-protective emotion. Tolerance for the intolerant is suicidal. Diversity has never in history produced a successful country or nation-state, only a body politic at constant war with itself. Passivity in the face of constant provocation is what our enemies are counting on.

They want you cowed, thinking that any pushback is illegitimate. They want you to think that you’re the bad guy in this morality play. That’s why their pet media frames every confrontation as “far-right” groups vs. “anti-fascist” protesters, pushed beyond the limits of their well-known tolerance to take matters into their own violent hands. You are hateful, intolerant, racist and brimming with more phobias than Freud ever dreamed possible.

There is no pacifying the Left, no accommodating it, no buying it off with a bit of appeasement here and there. They’re not in the political fray to play, they’re in it to win it. They’re not fiddling around the edges of the American experiment, they’re throwing everything critical theory has at us, questioning every institution and founding principle, and finding all of them worthy of destruction. Ascribing good motives to our friends across the aisle is a fool’s errand. Like most villains, they think of themselves as the heroes of their own twisted morality play, casting themselves as noble superheroes for truth, silver-surfing the “arc of history” as it bends toward their definition of justice. We, however, see their assault on our history, customs, and traditions as nothing of the sort; to us, they are the vandals who cannot abide something they had little or no hand in creating, and just want to see the world burn.”

There is no pacifying the Left, no accommodating it, no buying it off with a bit of appeasement here and there.  If we react with anything less than a full-throated defense of both Western and American civilization, we’re going to lose.

Excerpts via Michael Walsh @ American Greatness

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Reasons Why The Left Is Losing - And Deserves To Lose

America has changed since the fateful Inauguration of the 45th president. Unemployment has dropped to unprecedented & historic lows, the stock market is up by one third and for the first time on a long time, a majority of the public appear to have a positive view about their future. Meanwhile, in the past 6 months the democrat’s have seen their 15+ point lead in the generic ballot dwindle down to the margin of error, a measly +3.  The much vaunted Blue Wave appears be to look more like a Tidy Bowl Commercial than a revolution,  a giant sucking sound of their dreams of regaining Congress flushing down the toilet. Hopefully nothing but disappointment will greet Democrats in November rather than the sweet joy of Resistance revenge. Bless their hearts, the poor dears have survived by howling at the sky and counting the days until Mueller personally impeaches Trump, and still grappling with the existence of the Electoral College they don't understand. The left has become a caricature of a nursery school full of crying children run by drunken samurai.

Here are three reasons off the top of my head why I believe the left are losing, and most deservingly to keep losing.

First, the left’s pathological disdain for American values. In the 18 months of  Donald Trump's presidency, the American people have been told on a daily basis he’s a fascist, a Hitler in progress, not to mention racist, mentally unstable and of course a stupid liar, too. And yet his America First agenda has seen a resurgence of past US foreign policy moral clarity, strong and persistent economic growth that has notably benefited blacks, Hispanics (that's POC to the 'Woke') and women.

Between the daily Chicken Little warnings not coming true and the Democrats and their media lackeys chronic glass-is-half-empty response to every positive development, Trump’s polls have gone up as theirs have fallen. It’s a mystery that even Joe Biden should be able to solve; America is a center-right nation at heart and while we may have been hoodwinked by Hope and Change in 2008, we have no love for a party who won’t cheer for good news. There isn’t a single thing the Democrats and the left supports that’s objectively good for America. To the contrary, they are clearly on the wrong side of history, the rule of law, and even constitutional rights.

Second, America celebrates merit and achievement and believes everyone should have equal opportunity while the left clings to hoary feminist myths of gender pay gaps and glass ceilings. Instead of celebrating cabinet-level appointments of powerhouse women like UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, democrats dismiss or denigrate the First Lady and First Daughter at every opportunity. The left cherishes the narrative that they and they alone are the champions of Civil Rights.  Barky Obama’s incessant identity politics and the maxing out of the race card in the past decade has set back race relations decades, at least. What this is starting to show America is that the left does not, in fact, care about women or minorities, they only care about power. The Trump election seems to have ripped the mask right off and all the virtue signaling they can muster won’t cover the ugly inconvenient truth up again.

Thirdthe personal is now political and the political is personal.  The left got their wish. Decades of thinking globally and acting locally has had intended results that most Americans didn’t know were part of the plan all along. Like The Paris Accord, a disgraceful boondoggle and sell out of the American taxpayer to global elites who profit from the Climate Change hoax industry and a massive transfer of wealth to developing countries that Obama willed upon the American economy.

Hollywood and media celebrity have a platform to berate Trump and over 60 million voters who supported him. Yet, acting like a disturbed teenager who cuts themselves, their T.V. shows, movies, songs, and even SNL skits rub their own wounds of the 2016 election with salt as they pretend to laugh.  And the peaceful residents of places like Berkeley, Cal. have to endure repeated ‘days of action’ with masked Antifa thugs smashing, harassing and burning and beating. If you listen to the media or Democrat leaders, these masked fascists are heroes. It doesn’t help that SJW fascists have turned college campuses into indoctrination camps complete with kangaroo courts that leave young men to be guilty by accusation. These are the same SJW lunatics who attack anything that triggers their fascist fetish. Nothing is safe. Not movies, music, video games, or private citizens.

But the Twitter mob has overstayed its welcome, and you can look back to the disgusting reaction to Barbara Bush’s passing as one of the countless incidents that exposed the left as enemies of decency. You deserve to continue losing ground in the war for the soul of America, and to lose every election from now on. We’ve seen California, and we don’t like what you’ve done to a beautiful state that gave America and the world so much.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015