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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Remind Me Again of Who's Extreme??

When third tier candidates polling at 0% and Marianne Sparkleshine Stardust Williamson sound like the most sane candidates on the debate stages, the Dems have a real problem calling anyone extreme. And Joe Biden could soon find himself just wreckage on the outside shoulder of a tight left-hand curve......

For the last decade or so a cottage industry had been building around the demand for analysis demonstrating how the Republican Party had become too extreme. By the time Vox got around to the subject, the American electorate had delivered control of every seat of power in Washington to the GOP.  For all the lectures about how Republican voters had supposedly sequestered themselves in self-radicalizing cloisters, the self-righteous left are just as disinclined to look at them selves in the mirror.  But even shaded by a sympathetic media, they may not be able to avoid critical self-examination for much longer.

Democratic voters, fed a constant diet of how bad America is,  are increasingly adopting a brand of extremism all their own. DJT's opponents recently reveled in the fact that a majority of Americans surveyed in a poll sponsored by the president’s favorite news network agreed that Trump’s “go back” tweets constituted a “racist” attack on his opponents.

What they DID NOT dwell on is this: The poll found myriad policy positions that are well within the mainstream of the Democratic Party but anathema to most Americans.
* Would it be a “good thing” if the United States became a little less capitalist and a little more socialist? Fifty-three percent of Democrats agreed. 
* Should undocumented immigrants be eligible for free health care? 32 percent say “yes". 
* How about “decriminalizing” illegal border crossing? 49 percent of Democrats agreed. 
This isn’t the only poll to find the Democratic base out of step with the country. Among all adults polled this month by Gallup, only 29 percent believe the U.S. should commit to providing the descendants of African slaves with reparations in the form of wealth transfers. 49 percent of democrats agreed.

Democrats seeking their party's nomination seem perfectly willing to tailor their policy preferences to their party’s ascendant minority extremists. Bernie has devoted precious time on the campaign trail to stripping “socialism” of its stigma. Senator Lizzy and Julio La Raza advocate changes to the criminal code and make illegal entry into the country no more serious than spitting on the street. And at least six presidential candidates have endorsed slavery reparations in one form or another. Nearly half of the sprawling field of 2020 Democratic candidates support giving illegal immigrants free healthcare and full benefits, though “moderates” like Joe Biden can’t commit to anything more than liking banana pudding over chocolate.

The Democrat field appears so committed to radical one-upmanship that they’ve even begun embracing policies that have the support of no constituency whatsoever. Every Democrat in the race has endorsed making D.C. the nation’s 51st state, an idea that most everyone opposes regardless of ideology, party affiliation, or region.

And all y'all Rayssist!  

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