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Monday, October 28, 2019

“Woke” Squad Decrying Sex Bias in Dead-Animal Studies

I hereby proclaim, by no other authority but my own, that 'Wokeness' will be from this day forward officially deemed and refered to as a mental illness. I present the latest evidence for your consideration:

According to researchers at the Natural History Museum in London, the world’s top natural history museums in New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., London, and Paris, are misogynistic because their animal exhibits contain more males than females. They found a slight bias towards males in birds (40% females) and mammals (48% females),” according to a research report. The report warns that scientists must be vigilant about rooting out “undetected male bias” when conducting research on dead animals. 

The lead author of the study was a female: Natalie Cooper, a researcher at London’s Natural History Museum. The research team was comprised of two women and four men. In other words, the group contained 67% men and only 33% women. It’s unclear why a “woke” squad decrying sex bias in dead-animal studies was not more vigilant about ensuring against sexism in their own work. Hello!

Cooper concedes that the males of many animal species are “larger and more colorful” than females and that could be a major reason for the slight male-to-female skewing in the animal exhibits. Uh. Ya Think!  However, Cooper insists that sex bias abounds in the field of dead-animal research, and this sexism must end.

I rest my case.

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